5 Fall Foliage Road Trip Ideas

Each October, the much-awaited fall foliage season begins! Take advantage of these Autumn hues and go on the best road trip ever with one of our luxury coaches. You’ll never have to worry about packing a rain tarp, staking down your tent during windy weather, or shivering in your damp tent again. Our campers will give you the chance to experience all of the glory of fall, with none of the damp inconveniences of tent camping! 

Need some road trip inspiration? Here are some stunning places to hit up during the autumn season:

  1. Pennsylvania is a premier destination when it comes to the best and brightest of fall colors. Check out this helpful guide to plan your road trip based on which areas will be on full display!


  2. Vermont reigns supreme when it comes to changing fall leaves. This 88-mile loop goes through Gaysville, Barnard, and Woodstock in central Vermont.


  3. Connecticut’s Natchaug State Forest is beautiful in the fall; take US Route 44 for views that won’t disappoint.


  4. Don’t miss New York’s Hudson River Valley. Plan a road trip around the unbeatable Point Lookout in the Catskills, which has a panoramic view of five different states on clear days.


  5. Southeast Ohio is home to the Hocking Hills, which explode into beautiful color throughout the Appalachian Mountains’ western slope.

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