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Our Try Before You Buy Program

Investing in a new RV transcends mere vehicle purchase; it’s an embrace of a unique lifestyle. However, the initial financial outlay can be daunting. To mitigate this, Allstar Coaches offers a groundbreaking “Try Before You Buy” program in collaboration with leading RV dealers and private owners nationwide. This initiative allows prospective buyers to engage in extended RV test drives, ensuring a comprehensive experience of RV living before committing. It’s designed to eliminate any second thoughts, providing a solid foundation for informed decision-making. Discover more about how you can take advantage of this program, along with our extensive range of RV rentals, resources, and services. Reach out to an Allstar Coaches representative today for an enlightening conversation on elevating your travel experiences.

It's Simple

How It Works

When the search for a new luxury RV for sale brings you to our door, the process of getting you in that model of motorhome is fairly simple. First, we’ll go through a list of features, amenities, and items that are necessary to have in the RV you’re looking for. We’ll then steer you toward the motorhome that best matches the above criteria. From there, the road is yours: take a cross-country adventure in the motorhome to see how it handles the turns of the California mountainsides or the humidity in South Florida. If the RV meets all expectations, and you’re ready to make the investment of a lifetime, purchasing from us or one of our participating RV dealers is the next step.

Upon sitting with the sales team, you’ll be credited for the cost of the RV rental, basically making your vacation free! This credit will be applied toward the RV sale price. Some restrictions do apply, so please ask your local RV dealer if they participate in our referral program.

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We are always interested in working with motorhome dealers across the country. Let the RVs speak for themselves and increase your sales.

If you’d like to participate in our referral program or want information about our consignment rental program, contact us at 866-838-4465 to speak with our sales department. We have locations in Pennsylvania, California, and Florida, but serve locations throughout the country.

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We’re proud to offer customers more than a typical RV rental experience. We offer delivery and serve the entire country, with primary locations in Florida and Pennsylvania. If you’d like to learn more about any of our RV services, rentals, sales, resources, or our RV Rental Fleet Program, call 866-838-4465 today.