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Emergency Operations

RV Rentals For Disaster Relief

As the nation’s largest provider of RV rentals for disaster relief and emergency operations, Allstar Coaches assists a variety of organizations, including FEMA, the American Red Cross, and numerous power companies and insurance providers.

At a Moment's Notice

Ready To Serve

After storms pass and it’s safe to move about, our team is ready to deliver and set up RV rental units to affected areas quickly, safely, and efficiently. To help provide disaster resources in affected communities, our multi-purpose RV rental units serve as:

Our motorhomes also provide comfortable accommodations, full kitchens, and ample office space for emergency response personnel.

Such onsite accommodations help these hard-working emergency responders remain adequately rested and alert during their rescue and recovery operations.

Immediate Mobilization

EOPS/Temporary Housing Units

As of October 2022, we have EOPS/Temporary Housing Units available and standing by for immediate mobilization to address all emergencies related to Hurricane Ian.

Our Emergency Operations Team is standing by and ready for immediate mobilization of our RV rental units to all disaster areas affected by Hurricane Ian in Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties, including Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte.

Due to increasing demand additional inventory is being added.

Contact our Emergency Operations Center to assist with your storm response and disaster relief operations.

Comfortable and Accommodating

Temporary Housing For Disaster Relief

Our rental vehicles have everything your emergency response teams need to recharge and refocus their efforts. Designed to accommodate and sleep up to 8 persons, our RV units are also equipped with:

At this time, we continue to work with FEMA and multiple insurance companies to assist displaced homeowners and residents throughout the affected areas. Contact our Emergency Operations Team for more information!

Dedicated Hotlines

Dedicated hotlines are now activated for Emergency Responders, Medical Providers, FEMA, Utility Providers, and Red Cross Disaster Services:

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Emergency Operations Service Request

To request information on our RV rental units for Emergency Operations or Storm Response, please fill out the EOPS Request below.

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