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The best RV vacations aren’t always set in stone from the onset, but it certainly helps to plan a trip ahead of time. At Allstar Coaches LLC, we do all the number crunching, agenda setting, and appointing making for you, allowing everyone in your RV rental to enjoy the journey. We work with all our clientele in creating an RV travel itinerary they can work with, not around. It’s all about collaboration.

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Renting a luxury RV means the world is wide open to you. No matter how you plan to use your RV, Allstar Coaches is there to help you decide where to go and what to do, offering suggestions born from years of expertise. Serving states across the nation, we have experience finding the best sites for every traveler.

While we create and personalize any RV trip from scratch, we do offer some premade itineraries and other resources that have worked wonders for many a customer. Choose your program from the list below, and begin the adventure of a lifetime.

Atlantic Coast

Starting from South Florida, take the world-famous I-95 north through Saint Augustine, Charleston, and Washington, D.C.

Capital Exploration

Start on the northeast side of the country in the nation’s capital, and make the rounds at the area’s historic landmarks, such as Gettysburg, Baltimore, and Annapolis.

Great Smokey Mountains

Depart from Atlanta, and set your sights on the peak of the Great Smoky Mountains. Enjoy the wildlife in the area, and the architecture in the villas on the mountain range.

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Mackinac Island

The culture of the Midwest doesn’t become more apparent than Mackinac Island and its straits. Tour the island in your RV, and step outside for some fresh air and beautiful views on a hike.

Northern California

Let California show you its beauty as you go RVing in San Francisco, making your way north through Napa Valley and the area’s great state parks and other popular destinations. Then take a long, site-seeing adventure back to the Bay City.
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Whether you want to live along the dotted lines of an agenda or venture off on your own, know that Allstar Coaches is always here to lend a hand with RV vacations. Call our concierge at 866-838-4465 to schedule your trip, or let us know if you need more information about our services.