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Resources for our renters and customers

As experts in the RV rental industry since 2005, we’ve become very adept at recognizing our customers’ biggest needs. To help assist in making any trip a success, Allstar Coaches LLC is proud to offer resources for our renters and customers. Don’t skip proper planning when a few minutes of extra reading can spark that one great trip idea. Contact us at 866-838-4465 for more RV rental information.

Trip Planning Services

Whether you need tips on how to best utilize and use your RV, or simply require planning assistance, we’re happy to lend a hand. Our trip planning service will personalize each mile and stop of your travel itinerary so you only have to worry about following the dotted line. We even have pre-set itineraries that have served many of our customers well, and we can do the same for you.

Popular RV Parks, Resorts, & Destinations

Sometimes half the fun of vacationing is planning the trip from beginning to end. If you’re like us, setting a perfect destination and places to park the RV at night only adds to the thrills of a getaway. Start organizing your thoughts by choosing an endpoint, then look into some of our recommended RV parks and resorts in Florida, California, Pennsylvania, and beyond.

Once you’ve set a basic structure for your vacation, check out our recommended destinations to flesh out the trip. Those interested in wild bird calls and the fresh smell of nature will enjoy the many state-run parks in the country. Others may want to take a coastal wine tour and sip some vino. Still more may want to ride the coasters at an amusement park during their cross-country trek. Whatever your plans, we’re certain to have the RV rental information, resources, and tools to act as a guide. Check out our frequently asked questions for even more assistance.

Set your sights on the road, and come to Allstar Coaches for help getting to your destination. We offer many resources to our customers throughout the United States, including specialty services, sales, luxury RV rentals, and a unique RV Rental Fleet Program. If you’d like some assistance in planning a trip or need information about any of our services, call us at 866-838-4465, or request an online quote today.