Allstar’s Corporate RV Rental Division Expanding

When it comes to promoting your brand or product, your corporate life may very well depend on the marketing decisions you make.  Companies who are just starting out, or launching new products or rebranding themselves are quickly discovering that Promotional RV campaigns (PRV Campaigns) are taking the advertising industry by storm. Sure, print advertising, online promotions and retargeting may work just fine at keeping your current audience interested, however they lack the dramatic effect and perception a company of doing something “big”. It’s the same reason why advertisers pull out all the stops and craft such great commercials during the Superbowl. RV wrapping and promotional RV rentals have become all the rage and are giving companies unprecedented flexibility and the most marketing bang for the buck. Think about it, is there nothing more dramatic and eye catching than a 45 foot long motorcoach, brightly wrapped and  branded with your company logo rolling down the road? Everybody notices it, Everybody reads it and they all remember it. Best of all PRV campaigns allow you take your rolling billboard wherever you need to go to reach your target audience and hit as many markets as you want.

While credit card companies such as American Express and Discover wrapped RVs and hit college markets across the country, car companies such as Ford, Volvo, Mazda and Toyota have all done national extended PRV campaigns to introduce their new models. To maintain fan’s interest during the NBC lockout, the Orlando Magic had an RV wrap done in the team logo and colors which they moved all over the city. Even the major television networks and the largest film studios in Hollywood have found that PRV advertising is extremely effective. Just before “I AM NUMBER FOUR” was released last year, Disney’s Dreamworks Studios hired Allstar Coaches to put together a cross country, one week PRV which included a wrapped motorcoach, a support team and two drivers. On that campaign, they hit various theme parks, stadiums and colleges in seven markets. The campaign was so successful, that the studio has planned similar campaigns for all future releases.

For more information on Promotional RV Rentals or custom PRV campaigns, contact Allstar Coaches at 866-838-4465 and ask for our promotions department.

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