All-New Luxury Caribbean Travel Packages

If you’re someone who loves the adventure that comes with RV-ing but wants to experience it in luxury, why not…

RV in the Caribbean and then sail around in a privately chartered yacht?! 

Introducing The Caribbean Jetsetter: The First Luxury RV Experience of Its Kind!

Allstar Coaches is excited to bring you one of the more unique ways to explore the Caribbean in style! 

Enjoy the most luxurious travel package we’ve ever created: The Caribbean Jetsetter. 

While you can read all about this amazing travel package in Travel and Tourist, we’ve put together brief overview below: 

If you’ve taken a typical Caribbean cruise and are looking to explore this travel destination in a whole new way, this is the package for you. 

Our Caribbean Jetsetter vacation consists of two parts: a “land” section and a “sea” section. 

The land component involves an RV tour of the Caribbean like you’ve never experienced before. You’ll receive a custom itinerary with selected destinations and menu planning already completed for you. 

The sea component involves chartering a private yacht through one of our yachting partnerships, allowing you to explore the sea while guided by a private captain. 

Basically, this package gives you everything you’d want in a tropical vacation, while all of the logistical planning is left to us. 

If this vacation piques your interest, contact us to request a quote