Explore Science & Nature with a Fort Myers Rental RV

Embarking on a luxurious RV journey through Fort Myers? 

Whether your visit is a brief stopover or an extended week-long retreat, we at Allstar Coaches invite you to enhance your experience by exploring the wonders of the IMAG History & Science Center.

Nestled away from the beach, this Florida gem offers an enriching escape for families seeking an afternoon of boundless exploration and discovery.

Dive into Engaging Activities

Formerly the Imaginarium Science Center, the IMAG History & Science Center boasts a plethora of hands-on exhibits designed to captivate curious minds. 

From excavating dinosaurs and interacting with sharks to enjoying immersive 3D movies and tackling brain-teasing puzzles, the center promises an enriching experience for all. 

Families, especially on those occasional rainy Florida days, find solace and excitement within the walls of this science haven.

Essential Information

Admission to the IMAG History & Science Center ranges from $15 for children from 3-18 and college students (with ID, of course) and $19.50 for adults. Best of all, children aged 2 and under enjoy complimentary entry. 

Operating hours span from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every Monday and Wednesdays through Saturdays. Hours start at noon on Sundays and the center is closed on Tuesdays and the following holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Luxury RV Accommodations

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Our motorhome rentals not only provide the comforts and services akin to a five-star hotel but also offer the freedom to explore at your own pace during your rental period.

At Allstar Coaches, our commitment is to deliver a lavish, top-tier experience for all your Florida travels. 

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