How to Rent Luxury Motorhome

You’re ready to start planning your RV vacation in Florida. You have dreams of camping near the beach, trips to Disney World, and exploring the Everglades. But before you can map your route, you need to decide which motorhome rental is right for you and your crew.

At Allstar Coaches LLC, we recommend that you begin by asking yourself a few basic questions about your upcoming vacation. Set aside some time and consider:

  • What are my vacation dates? Are those dates flexible or set in stone?
  • What’s my rental budget? How much of my vacation budget do I want to dedicate to a motorhome?
  • How many passengers will I have? How many beds will I need?
  • Is the RV company near my camping destination? Do they offer delivery?

A few additional questions you may want to consider include:

  • Do I want to tow my personal vehicle or RV?
  • Do I need any special permit to rent this RV?
  • What amenities or on-board entertainment (TV/DVD, gaming console, sound system, etc.) are important to me?
  • Will I want to make my own meals or eat out?
  • Do I need to rent personal items (like towels, linens, kitchen supplies)?
  • What activities do I want to do while in Florida? Do I want to make these arrangements myself or hire someone to do it?

These questions can help you narrow down what you want out of your motorhome vacation. With answers in hand, you can then begin to eliminate RVs that don’t have what you need and select which services are best suited for your getaway. When it’s time to make a reservation, you can confidently select the motorhome that is right for you.

Allstar Coaches is a premier motorhome rental company located throughout Florida. Whether you’re planning a trip to Orlando or Fort Lauderdale, we can get you just the luxury RV that fits your needs. We even offer deluxe concierge services so you can really relax.

To find out more about our rentals and policies or to make a reservation, contact Allstar Coaches at 954-530-0884.