RV Rentals Florida Holidays

The holiday season is one of the biggest travel times for so many.

Like many folks, you may be gearing up for that big annual trip to Grandma’s house in Florida for the holidays. While you’re looking forward to time spent with family, getting there can often be the biggest battle. You get weary thinking of all the luggage you’ll need, making sure the various presents don’t get lost, and keeping the kids entertained during the long hours of travel. 

Rather than pursue the traditional options, there’s a more convenient and comfortable way to travel: an RV rental!

With a luxury RV rental from Allstar Coaches, your holiday travel can be part of what makes the season merry. 

Here’s why!  

Rental RVs Offer Plenty of Storage Space

When you travel over the holiday season, finding space for everything you need to bring with you can be a challenge. 

In addition to your regular belongings, you come bearing gifts and possibly snacks to share. You can quickly eat up the storage in a car, SUV or minivan, especially if you have kids. 

An RV gives you plenty of space for all the holiday essentials (and then some).

Rental RVs Keep Everyone Comfortable During Travel Time

Our luxury motorhomes provide plenty of room not only for storage, but also for comfortable travel. 

Every passenger has space to stretch out and enjoy the long ride. They can watch a movie on the deluxe entertainment system, grab a snack from the kitchen, or even use the restroom without having to stop frequently. That’s a win for everyone!

Rental RVs Provide Beds for Everyone

Does the thought of sleeping on a blow-up air mattress or a fold-out couch for a week already have your back aching? 

One of the major perks of renting an RV for your holiday visit is that you take your accommodations with you. 

When your Christmas party is over, your family can retire to your own beds. No one needs to share bunk beds or take up space in Grandma’s house. You can still enjoy being close with your family without having to forfeit good sleep.

Rental RVs Offer More Privacy

Depending on how long you plan to stay at your relatives’ place, you may need to take a break from all of the holiday activities for a little peace and quiet. 

An RV gives you that space. 

You can slip away for a nap or to read a book quietly, which can make your visit much more enjoyable in the long run.

Hit the Holiday Road in an RV Rental

Want to learn more about renting a luxury RV for your holiday travels in Florida? 

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