Top Tips for Tailgating with an RV

What’s better than college football? 

Not much — especially if you’re watching it live with thousands of your closest friends and in the luxury of a motorcoach. Doing so takes the experience from amazing to epic!

If you have an RV or want to rent one, here are our Top 5 Tips for the ultimate tailgating experience: 

RV Tailgating Tip #1: Plan Ahead

Not all college towns have the same variety and selection of food, beverages and accessories. Depending on your destination, you may have to stock up before your arrival. Planning what you’re eating and drinking ahead of time makes enjoying the game that much easier.

Always plan to make extra food and bring a large supply of beverages as meeting new people and being neighborly (especially to the “enemy”) is part of the fun. 

Being in an RV gives you a leg up on the competition with a refrigerator and freezer, stove top, and BBQ grill. 

Remember, if you’re planning to host a lot of guests, you may need to supplement your accommodations with extra coolers, ice, and card tables. 

RV Tailgating Tip #2: Empty Gray and Black Water Tanks Completely

Another part of planning ahead is to arrive with empty tanks as most tailgates take place in parking lots that are not equipped with RV dumping stations. 

Since we are talking about staying one to two nights maximum, you should be fine. However, you may want to take shorter showers and not waste too much water washing dishes. Instead, you can use disposable plates, utensils and cups. Or, you can just save them for the dishwasher when you get home. 

Another helpful tip: Use the stadium restrooms or facilities when you can to help conserve water. 

RV Tailgating Tip #3: Pack Some Games

Whether you have an early kickoff or a battle under the lights, you’ll want to make the most out of your tailgating time. 

Bringing outdoor lawn games, like cornhole and ladder ball, elevate your tailgating fun. 

Bonus points if you decorate your cornhole set in team colors! Which leads to…

RV Tailgating Tip #4: Show Your Team Spirit

Run your team’s flag, wrap your motorcoach in school colors, or simply put a blow-up of your mascot on the roof. 

Whatever you do, make it distinctive, so you can stand out and your friends can find you.

Also, make sure your decorations are tasteful. You not only want to be considerate of families with young children, you also don’t want to be offensive to others. This is especially true if you are with the visiting team. 

Also, don’t forget your team gear! The beauty of an RV is that you have room to bring your school hoodie, fleece, blanket, and rain-slick just in case of inclement weather. 

RV Tailgating Tip #5: Take Your Time and Skip the Hotel (or Drive Home)

One of the worst parts of any football game is the post-game commute. 

Yes, you can enjoy the thrill of victory or maybe the agony of defeat, but either way, you have to stream out of the packed stadium, walk to your car or ride a shuttle, wait to get out of the parking lot, and then battle traffic back home or to that peak-priced hotel.

With an RV you get to head back to your coach (or maybe even the couch in your coach), which is ideally in the parking lot. Fire up the grill, open a cold beverage, and hang out or watch the next game on the satellite or projector you set up outside.

It may be hard to beat a tailgate, but it is impossible to beat tailgating in an RV when you plan ahead and pack right!

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