Atlantic Coast

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Atlantic Coast Luxury RV Trip

Trip Distance: 1,169.8 miles

Includes historic sites, places of fun, great scenery, and five-star campgrounds!

First Stop

St. Augustine, FL

Your luxury RV trip starts in Southern Florida and heads North on the famous I-95.

The first takes you to Saint Augustine, Florida.

Visit Castillo de San Marcos fort and the historic Fountain of Youth that Ponce de Leon pursued. The area contains many things to do including a fantastic museum, the Lightner Museum is in a former hotel built in 1887. The exterior of the building and the grounds are enough reason to want to go see this. Grand golf courses and opulent buildings surround the

Second Stop

Historic Cities

The trip moves along on its northerly trek to the historic cities of Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina.

Both of these cities have abundant old style Southern charm. Sample the fantastic cuisine of the old south, visit an antebellum mansion. Look and walk the city that Sherman told President Lincoln he had saved for him on his military campaign across GA burning everything in his wake. Visit the old city of Charleston along the wharf; get the feel of the south as you visit Fort Sumner.

Third Stop

Cape Hatteras

No visit to North Carolina would be complete without a trip to Cape Hatteras and wade in the Atlantic cool waters. Visit the site of the Hatteras Light House; go to the grounds where the Wright brothers made the first flight. Camp along the ocean and feel the sea breezes.

Fourth Stop

The Chesapeake Area

Proceed down towards the Chesapeake area with a stop at Colonial Williamsburg in Southern Virginia:

Williamsburg gives you a flavor of how things were during colonial times. The city takes you back to our history when King George was in control of the Colonies. Hear about tax revolt, attend a courtroom case following old England rule. While in the area visit Jamestown and Yorktown; you will now have seen some of the history of early settlement.

Fifth Stop

Our Nation's Capital

On to our capital, Washington, DC and take in as much as you choose.

Our favorites are the Smithsonian, the Capital building, all the Monuments, the scenery surrounding the city with the Potomac winding around. Go out to George Washington’s Mount Vernon. Annapolis is a short drive and is worth seeing.

Sixth Stop

A Change of Pace

After an exhaustive visit of DC, a change of pace is just due West. A trip down Skyline Drive and the Shenandoah Valley provides a level of serenity and beauty.
Final Stop

Homeward Bound

Continuing the homeward trip includes a trip to Charlottesville, Virginia:

The place where the Civil War ended. A visit to Jefferson’s home Monticello gives one the knowledge that this was a man far ahead of his time.

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