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Top Tips for Tailgating with an RV

What’s better than college football?  Not much — especially if you’re watching it live with thousands of your closest friends and in the luxury of a motorcoach. Doing so takes the experience from amazing to epic! If you have an

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All-New Luxury Caribbean Travel Packages

If you’re someone who loves the adventure that comes with RV-ing but wants to experience it in luxury, why not… RV in the Caribbean and then sail around in a privately chartered yacht?!  Introducing The Caribbean Jetsetter: The First Luxury

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5 Fall Foliage Road Trip Ideas

Each October, the much-awaited fall foliage season begins! Take advantage of these Autumn hues and go on the best road trip ever with one of our luxury coaches. You’ll never have to worry about packing a rain tarp, staking down your tent

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Glamping RV Rentals

The idea of camping might not always be everyone’s cup of tea. Sleeping on the hard ground, battling the elements, and foraging for food doesn’t sound appealing to those who appreciate the finer things in life.  However, there’s a solution

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How To Rent My RV Out

Is Your RV Making You Money? It’s no secret that owning and maintaining an RV can be quite a financial undertaking.  On top of the initial purchase, there are an array of registration, insurance, storage, maintenance and repair costs. Also,

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RV Rentals Country 500 Music Festival

RV Rentals Country 500 Daytona RV rentals Country 500.  NASCAR’s Daytona 500 is known as “The Great American Race”.  The Country 500 (also held at Daytona International Speedway) has earned a reputation as the Great American Music Festival.  This genre of music with it’s

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Top 3 FL RV City Adventures in Florida

From its sizzling beaches to the mysterious depths of the Everglades, Florida is a treasure trove of vacation wonders.  At Allstar Coaches, we faced the daunting task of narrowing down our top three picks for your dream getaway.  Brace yourself

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5 Best RV Features of Luxury RV Rentals

Looking for RV rentals to travel to Miami, Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach?  Allstar Coaches is Florida’s premier luxury RV rental provider. With our wide selection of comfortable and versatile Class A motorhomes, it’s no wonder we’re considered the

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Spring Florida RV Rentals

Ah, the allure of Spring RV Rentals in Florida!  As the echoes of the holidays fade and the kids return to school, spring break looms on the horizon. Don’t let it catch you off guard!  Instead of scrambling at the

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RV Parks Miami FL

Have you always dreamed of visiting Miami, FL? You’ve seen pictures of the perfect sandy beaches and heard friends talk about the diverse culture and dining experiences they’ve enjoyed. For years, you’ve been itching to take that trip.  As Florida’s

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