Predictions Show Good Travel Plan Ahead

As 2019 draws to a close and we all look ahead to another new year, Allstar Coaches is gazing into its crystal ball to find the best predictions about travel in 2020. We’re also searching for information on a few of the hottest new travel trends.

What we found reveals an industry anchored by older travelers, while being reenergized by a younger generation of travelers searching for the experiences that will drive long-term memories. Moreover, despite lingering economic concerns, the travel industry looks to be in store for another healthy year. 

Concerns Over a Potential “Travel Recession” Persist

In April 2019, the travel and tourism marketing agency MMGY sounded the alarm bells for an impending travel recession. A few key statistics supported these concerns.

  • MMGY’s Global Traveler Sentiment Index saw declines for eight-straight quarters, which suggests American’s leisure travel plans are softening. 
  • Price sensitivity is also growing. 34% of travelers now cite travel costs as the number-one concern — versus only 18% in 2016. 

These softening travel numbers could reflect concerns about the broader economy. Many experts believe we’re due for a near-term economic recession, though the exact timing is unknown. 

Despite These Concerns, Travel Spending will Remain the Same

These long-term economic concerns don’t appear to have impacted travel spending habits just yet. In their 2019-2020 Portrait of American Travelers study, MMGY found that America’s travel spending will increase slightly in the near-term.

Road Trips are a Growing Trend

Millennials are literally driving one new travel trend, however, as the great American road trip comes back in vogue. 

The Concept of Hybrid Vacations are Growing Among Younger Travelers.

Millennial families are now adding road trips to their air travel vacations because they enjoy the flexibility of using a car. 

These so-called “wings and wheels” vacations evoke a sense of nostalgia for millennial families who want to create cherished vacation memories.

Everything Old is New Again

Not only are millennials busy creating new travel trends, but they’re also returning to a few vacation staples that have gone out of style with older travelers. For example, while the use of travel agents is still down in total, millennials are more likely to use travel advisors than any other group. 

  • MMGY’s travel study shows that 16% of respondents had used a traditional travel agent in the last 12 months. This was up from 14% in 2018 and down from a peak of 19% in 2016. 
  • 24% of millennials, however, reported that they plan to use an agent for at least one vacation during the next two years. 
  • That compares to 16% of Baby Boomers and 15% of Gen Xers, who reported plans to use a travel agent. 

MMGY believes that the millennial generation’s focus on experiential travel drives this new trend because they think agents can deliver the best travel experience possible. 

Millennials are also more likely to buy travel insurance than other generations. 

Social Media Drives Travel Behaviors!

Travelers also report that social media will influence where they travel and what they do during their vacations. 

  • In its 2020 travel predictions report, global travel company Amadeus found that Instagram heavily influences behavior among younger travelers. They report that 40% of Instagram users under 33 said that Instagrammability was one of their top factors when selecting a vacation destination.

Many travelers also plan on engaging in risky behavior during their vacation to gain social media credibility.

According to the Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection report, 69% of respondents said they plan on doing something dangerous so they can post it to social media. 

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