Monday’s Daytona 500 – A NASCAR First!

Daytona 500 aka “The Great American Race” will take place today at Noon.  Over the years, the race has seen it’s share of delays, either weather related or to repair the track.  It has even been shortened to 100 laps on several occasions so NASCAR can certify it as an “offical” race.   At least until now, the Daytona 500 had always been run on a Sunday.   Many race fans will now have to miss the race because of the delay and and added expense to stay another night in Daytona, however for folks that choose to rent an RV and stay at the track are all getting free one day extensions if they booked their motorhome rentals through Allstar Coaches

Hopefully the weather will hold up and the race will start at noon…and hopefully the green flag will fly on a Sunday for every future Daytona 500. 

What will be next?

Superbowl Monday?