Unbeatable Miami RV Destinations

The air may be thick in Miami, but the culture is even thicker.  This area is known for its diverse attractions, restaurants, and events. Plus, you’re never far away from all its beautiful beaches. Unmatched culture combined with warm, tropical weather makes Miami the perfect RV vacation destination. And with so many unbelievable tourist attractions […]

Upgrade Your RV Excursions Using These 5 RV Travel Tips

Once you’ve experienced the RV lifestyle, it’s tough to go back to other forms of travel.  Between the freedom of the open road, the hands-on experiences you gain along the way, and the cost savings that come with traveling in your vacation home, the RV lifestyle is the way to go!  But just like flying, […]

RV Company Allstar Coaches Donates to Hurricane Relief

Florida RV Company Donates to Hurricane Michael Victims Allstar Coaches will donate $100 from each new RV rental booked through December to All Hands and Hearts FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., October 26, 2018 — As the victims of Hurricane Michael begin to rebuild the Florida panhandle, Allstar Coaches (www.allstarcoaches.com), the leading renter of luxury RV’s in the United […]

Top Tips for Tailgating with an RV

What’s better than college football?  Not much — especially if you’re watching it live with thousands of your closest friends and in the luxury of a motorcoach. Doing so takes the experience from amazing to epic! If you have an RV or want to rent one, here are our Top 5 Tips for the ultimate […]

All-New Luxury Caribbean Travel Packages


If you’re someone who loves the adventure that comes with RV-ing but wants to experience it in luxury, why not… RV in the Caribbean and then sail around in a privately chartered yacht?!  Introducing The Caribbean Jetsetter: The First Luxury RV Experience of Its Kind! Allstar Coaches is excited to bring you one of the […]

5 Fall Foliage Road Trip Ideas

Each October, the much-awaited fall foliage season begins! Take advantage of these Autumn hues and go on the best road trip ever with one of our luxury coaches. You’ll never have to worry about packing a rain tarp, staking down your tent during windy weather, or shivering in your damp tent again. Our campers will give you the […]

Glamping RV Rentals

The idea of camping might not always be everyone’s cup of tea. Sleeping on the hard ground, battling the elements, and foraging for food doesn’t sound appealing to those who appreciate the finer things in life.  However, there’s a solution that allows you to enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing the comforts you’re accustomed to […]

Rent Out Your RV Part 2 – Structure For Success


How To Successfully Rent Out Your RV If you are entertaining the idea of renting out your RV, we strongly recommend that you read Part One of this blog series before proceeding.     In the first part, we explore the various ways you can make money by renting out your RV, offer a brief overview of […]

How To Rent My RV Out


Is Your RV Making You Money? It’s no secret that owning and maintaining an RV can be quite a financial undertaking.  On top of the initial purchase, there are an array of registration, insurance, storage, maintenance and repair costs. Also, you may only use your RV during the spring and summer.  That means your pricey […]

RV Rentals Country 500 Music Festival

RV Rentals Country 500 Daytona RV rentals Country 500.  NASCAR’s Daytona 500 is known as “The Great American Race”.  The Country 500 (also held at Daytona International Speedway) has earned a reputation as the Great American Music Festival.  This genre of music with it’s charm and spirit has gone mainstream America.  There is no doubt country music has taken over in […]